A Closer Look at U.S. News 2016 Top Law Schools

• The Law School Admissions Guide

Notes on Methodology:

Applying to law school? How do your target schools measure up? Let’s see how U.S. News ranks the country’s best law schools.

• Indicators include: quality assessment (weighted by 0.40 – 0.25 for the peer assessment and 0.15 for the lawyer and judge assessment); selectivity (weighted by 0.25 – 0.125 median LSAT scores, 0.10 for median undergraduate GPA, and 0.025 for acceptance rate; placement success (weighted by 0.20 – 0.04 for employment rates at graduation, 0.14 for employment rates 10 months post-graduation, and 0.02 for bar passage rate; and faculty resources (weighted by 0.15 – 0.0975 for expenditures per student on instruction, library, and supporting services, 0.015 on expenditures per student on all other items, including financial aid, 0.03 on student-faculty ratio, and 0.0075 on library resources.

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Top 10 Best Law Schools:

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• 196 accredited law schools were surveys and ranked based on a weighted average of the following 12 measures.

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