A Closer Look at the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings

And now for the rankings themselves:

• Comparing Top 10 MBA Rankings [Infographic]

• 7 out of the top 10 global MBA programs this year are US programs. Of the top 20, 11 are in the US.

• In 2005, 30% of MBA students were women. In 2015, that number jumped to 35%. 27 schools boasted a 40% female population, compared to only 4 schools with those numbers in 2005.

• Forte Helps Women in Business Thrive: Interview with Elissa Sangster 

Financial Times Methodology

• In China, 44% of students were women, while at Renmin University of China School for Business in particular, 59% were women.

• This is the first time that a one-year MBA program (INSEAD) has taken the #1 spot. The other 4 schools in the top 5 remain the same as last year, each pushed down one spot this year compared to last.

You can see the ranking criteria and their equivalent weight below. For more details, see the FT methodology page.

157 international graduate business programs took part in the survey that was used to create the FT rankings. Data was collected from the schools themselves as well as 9,800 alumni. Alumni were three years post-graduation (class of 2012), so b-schools needed to be at least four years old to qualify.

Here are some highlights from the Financial Times‘ top 20 global essay writing for https://bandcamp.com/nerdymates/ MBA programs (with a few points on women in business school):

• Only 27% of b-school faculty members are women. But at UC Irvine Merage, that proportion is 46% (the highest in the world).

• Pre-MBA, the average pay gap between men and women is 14%. This jumps to 19% three years post-MBA (from $9,000 to $22,000). The FT data shows that this pay gap exists for men and women at the same sector of industry and at the same level of seniority.

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• IESE dropped out of the top 10, moving from 7th place to 16th.

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